Jetconf Backends

Jetconf Clients

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A Swiss-knife tool for HTTP/2.

View data in a terminal with cURL

User’s certificate with _curl suffix in .pem format is needed.

After this command you should get some data from Jetconf server in json. Do not forget to set <path_to_pem_cert> and <jetconf server ip address>:

$ curl --http2 -k --cert-type PEM -E <path_to_pem_cert> -X GET https://<jetconf_server_ip_address>:8443/restconf/data

If DISABLE_SSL and CLIENT_CN are both set to true, the following command can be used. <username> is sent in HTTP header:

$ curl --http2-prior-knowledge -H "X-SSL-Client-CN: <username>" -X GET http://<jetconf_server_ip_address>:8443/restconf/data


A prototype of an interactive graphical Jetconf client written in Angular 2. Works only with the JetConf implementation.

View data with Jetscreen

User’s certificate in .pfx format must be imported to the browser.

  1. Open public Jetscreen Page
  2. Enter your Jetconf server URL and press enter or click the Reset button. You may be prompted to select a user certificate.
  3. Top-level data containers should then appear.